Magenta Heart Design Side Zip Aran Cardigan




Features -

  • Traditional aran stitching
  • Celtic Trinity Knot zip detail
  • Two pockets at front
  • Merino wool 
  • Slim fit - True to size

Please view the 'Size & Fit' guide for detailed sizing information.



Introducing our side zip magenta Aran cardigan—a contemporary twist on the timeless Aran knit, meticulously crafted to captivate every generation of style enthusiasts. Embracing tradition with a modern flair, this Aran Crafts masterpiece has become a favorite among patrons of all ages here at Triona.

Crafted with a keen eye for feminine elegance, this Aran cardigan is ingeniously tailored to accentuate the female form while preserving the hallmark features of a traditional Aran sweater. The sleek, waisted silhouette, complemented by a tapered waist, effortlessly molds into the coveted hourglass shape, making it a quintessential wardrobe staple for the modern woman. Each intricate Aran stitch and pattern adorning the garment is thoughtfully placed to enhance its visual appeal and celebrate the rich heritage of Aran knitting.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this cardigan offers practical versatility with the inclusion of a Celtic knot zipper, empowering you to layer it according to your preference and the occasion. Crafted from 100% merino wool, renowned for its unparalleled softness and breathability, this Irish coatigan ensures optimum comfort for all-day wear.

Marrying timeless elegance with contemporary sophistication, this Irish Aran cardigan is not merely a garment but a cherished heirloom destined to be admired and treasured for years to come, provided it receives the care it deserves. Elevate your wardrobe with this exquisite piece that seamlessly merges tradition with modernity, promising enduring style and comfort with every wear.

Fabric & Care

Fabric -

  • 100% Merino Wool 

Care -

  •  Dry Clean or Hand Wash

Size & Fit

*Length measured at center back neck to hem