Celtic Knot Emerald Earrings, Yellow Gold

By Solvar


Features -

  • Four Celtic knots 
  • Circle design
  • Crafted by Solvar
  • 14ct Yellow Gold
  • Real Emerald in the center
  • Hallmarked in the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

Matching pendant available.


An ancient symbol laden with cultural significance, the Trinity knot has a worldwide reputation as being one of the most globally recognizable Celtic symbols.

The lasting popularity of this ancient piece of cultural iconography is often attributed to its numerous meanings.

Three was a hugely significant number for the Celtic people, corresponding to the three domains, the elements and the phases of the moon. The ancient Christians however used the Trinity knot, or the Triquetra as it is also referred to, to illustrate the Holy trinity.

While this closely associated with religion has not waned in modern culture, many choose to wear this symbol to honor their Irish ancestry.

This simple symbol evokes the meaning of never-ending love and the circle design around the celtic knot represents eternal life, with no beginning and no end.

Solvar has created this stunning pair of earrings, repeating the Trinity symbol to create an unusual pattern made from 14k gold and encased in precious stones. The centre of this intricate design features an eye catching emerald.

Dedicated to producing all their jewelry here in Ireland, Solvar are proud to ensure each piece has been finished to the highest standards.

A combination of luxurious fine jewelry and a hint of Irish heritage, these earrings are certain to become a well worn item in your jewelry box.

Size Guide

  • Width - 0.39" / 10mm
  • Height - 0.39" / 10mm
  • Weight - 3.27g