The Celtic Cross is a sign of Irish heritage that is recognized all over the world. It is a beautiful symbol of religion which initially appeared on the island of Ireland in the early Middle Ages. Following the advent of the Celts in Ireland in 500 BC, these wonderful symbols can be seen over the country, with many still standing today. A classic cross is accented with a circle at the intersection of the arms and stem on the Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross, which has many varied interpretations, is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and compassion in dealing with life's ups and downs. The four arms of the Celtic cross are said to represent the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, as well as our mind, soul, body, and heart.



The Celtic Cross's middle ring is thought to represent the Celtic emblem for infinite love. With no beginning and no end, it is a sign of God's infinite love, with many thinking it to be a representation of Christ's halo. The Celtic cross is full of powerful symbols and is an ideal expression of the Celts' goals and desires. As a result, Celtic Jewelry craftsmen of all generations are dedicated to assuring the excellence of each item of Celtic cross jewelry. At Triona, we strive to provide our customers with a modern twist on this lovely Celtic tradition. The Celtic Cross can be found on a variety of Celtic pendants and one of a kind Irish presents.

The Celtic Cross has designated religious sites throughout Ireland since ancient times and each one has a unique story to tell. This includes biblical stories chiseled in stone which are saved for future generations.The high crosses are significant emblems of Christianity in Ireland, from the shores of Lough Neagh and the Cathedral city of Armagh to the monasteries of Clonmacnoise and Monasterboice.



According to mythology, St. Patrick observed a pagan standing stone etched with a circle which is the moon goddess's sign. He is claimed to have blessed the stone and created the first Celtic Cross, which is now a powerful symbol of faith. Many people now wear a Celtic Cross and in doing so, pay tribute to Ireland's rich cultural past - a land where saints and scholars have long resided.

The oldest high stone crosses in Ireland date from the eighth through to the twelfth centuries. Crosses are beautifully carved - the early styles exhibit knotwork whereas the later crosses have imagery of bible stories and inscriptions. Some of these later crosses are significantly taller than the early crosses, which stand roughly eight feet tall. The tallest tower stands at a towering 23 feet and there are numerous characteristics that these ancient Celtic Crosses share :

The Base is usually shaped like a pyramid and occasionally carved to add height.

The Shaft is a section which is frequently divided into panels on all sides with complex designs or artwork showing figures.

The Cap is usually at the top of the upper arm of the cross, but is not always worn.

The Head is separated into two parts: the center and arms and the majority of stone Celtic Crosses have a ring formed around the head.



Many people believe that the Celtic Cross's defining feature is the shape of the cross's head. The cross's structural strength comes from the ring shape, which supports the cross's arms. As a result, some experts believe that this shape is a continuation of an older, more delicate wooden cross form. Others believe the ring indicates a halo or disc shape around a person's head, while others believe it is a heavenly sphere, such as the sun. Others believe the Celtic Shield is represented by the ring and "rivet" shaped features on several early crosses.

We are proud to have an exquisite selection of Celtic Crosses and Solvar’s award-winning designers have created an unrivaled collection which are now available both in store and online. Below you will find three of our favourite pieces!



The Celtic Cross is a powerful symbol of faith that dates back to the ninth century. It connects those who wear it to their faith and to Irish culture. This exquisite 14k gold pendant is embellished with diamonds around the knotwork and an emerald in the center to represent Ireland. It was designed and crafted to the finest standards in Ireland. This gold pendant with diamond and emerald has been Irish hallmarked at Dublin Castle. 

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This Celtic Cross pendant is specifically designed and crafted in Ireland and is a popular choice at Triona. The Ardagh chalice, one of Ireland's most well-known antiques, is the inspiration for this House of L'Or necklace. The extravagance of the chalice's design is combined with the classic Celtic cross to create a one of a kind pendant that is sure to become a favorite in your jewelery collection. This is a wonderfully unique item, made from extremely rare pure Irish 14K gold mined in Co. Tyrone. This lovely pendant is an exclusive piece of Irish jewelry that you won't find anywhere else and it will make a thoughtful gift that ensures you have a little piece of Ireland with you wherever you go. 

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This gold Celtic Cross, dating from the ninth century, is a powerful symbol of faith.
It connects those who wear it to their faith and to Irish culture. This stunning 14k gold pendant has been delicately carved with Celtic knotwork and was designed and manufactured in Ireland by professional craftspeople. This gold pendant was hallmarked in Dublin Castle, Ireland.

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