Here at Triona, promoting Irish design and craft is of utmost importance to us and we are very proud to have an exquisite collection of high quality jewellery that has been designed and produced in Ireland and today, we will be specifically looking at the Claddagh collection and telling you a little bit more about the history of this iconic Irish symbol. 

Claddagh jewellery and in particular the Claddagh ring, is enriched with a lot of history and we hope that this blog will provide a little bit of background on the history of this Celtic symbol as it is a treasured symbol of Irish people all over the world.

The story behind the Claddagh ring has been passed down through the generations, it is a rather romantic story that focuses on a man named Richard Joyce and the Claddagh ring that he had created. In time, Richard Joyce became a fully proficient master craftsman and once he discovered that his love had waited for his return from sailing, he presented her with the Claddagh Ring to symbolise their love, friendship and loyalty.

The Claddagh Ring is symbolic for the clasped hand design that is combined with the heart and crown which symbolises Love, Friendship, and Loyalty. For many generations the Irish Claddagh ring was kept with great pride, especially as heirlooms for the day that a daughter would get married and has been known as the Irish wedding ring for many years. The design has now become very popular internationally and the simplicity of the ring combined with the symbolism makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers exclusive pieces that cannot be found elsewhere and in particular, the Emigration Claddagh Ring which you will discover in this blog post. All of our collections are curated by experienced craftspeople - pieces for the customer who wants to invest in a timeless piece to celebrate their Irish roots.

We are delighted to assist people in purchasing investment pieces that are sure to become heirlooms passed down through future generations and here at Triona, we are sure to have a piece which will be treasured and admired for many years to come.


Designed and handcrafted in Ireland, these beautiful white gold Claddagh earrings are an exquisite piece of Irish history. The beauty of the Claddagh collection is the story behind the craftsmanship that originated in Galway, Ireland. As you will have seen previously mentioned, the hands gently hold the heart which represented his love for her and the crown for showcasing his loyalty. This is a story which is known all over the world today. Although a subtle piece of celtic jewellery, they are a beautiful piece to add to your Irish jewellery collection. 

This beautiful Irish Claddagh ring has been crafted in Dublin, Ireland and the unisex band means it can be used as a his and hers friendship, promise ring or gift that has great Irish heritage. It has been intricately designed in Sterling Silver and 10ct yellow gold and most interestingly, the Claddagh ring was known as the old Irish wedding ring in years gone by due to its romantic meaning. The heart for love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty which promised the wearer's heart to another - a lovely piece to symbolise love to all.

If you are looking for the perfect gift direct from Ireland, our Irish Claddagh birthstone necklaces are the ideal choice. There is a necklace available for every birth month and they are a lovely way to add a personal touch to any occasion. Each necklace features the Claddagh symbol which is representative of the heart for love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty making this a beautiful piece to give to someone special in your life. There is a matching ring also available and combined with the necklace, makes the perfect Irish gift. Included is an image of the August birthstone and the sage green colour of this peridot stone ensures that a touch of Ireland has been added to this Claddagh pendant.

It is known that you are to leave the best pieces to last and here we introduce The Emigration ring which is designed exclusively for Triona in collaboration with Solvar. Combining 14ct gold and 32 diamonds which each represent a county in Ireland, it is a truly special piece of jewellery and one that will be treasured for many generations. The true beauty of pieces like the Emigration ring is that there is a history embedded in it and it was designed to commemorate all those with Irish ancestry and Irish connections, both past and present.

There is a special connection knowing that you have a statement piece of Irish history on your hand and it is an investment piece that will never date.  The historic Claddagh design incorporates three unique elements - the heart for love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty.

The Emigration ring has different meanings associated with it and this is what sets it apart from other pieces of jewellery. If you decide to wear the ring with the heart turned outward, you are signifying that you are open for love and opposite to that, if the heart is pointing inward, you are considered to have a partner. The Emigration Ring is most certainly an idyllic Irish symbol of true love and in a unisex style, it can be gifted for any special occasion. Exclusive to Triona, this beautiful piece of Irish jewelry is hand crafted in Ireland, comes complete with a Certificate of Appraisal and is also available in a 14ct White Gold.

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November 10, 2021 — Customer Service