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A family run business based in Tuamgraney, County Clare, McKernan Woollen Mills have been creating vibrant woollen scarves since 1985. 

Established by Eugene and Anke McKernan on the West Coast of Ireland. The McKernan family are firm believers that creating these unique Irish scarves allows them to have a canvas to express their infinite love for colour and show their dedicated appreciation for the highest quality textiles.

An Irish/German couple who both trained as handweavers, it is evident to see the passion that goes into this Irish business. 

Soon after the business was established, they quickly understood that their main focus would be on scarves. As everything was then handwoven, they wanted to ensure that they would be able to produce accessories that were both creative and viable.


McKernan Woollen Mills


The Making Process

The scarves from McKernan Woollen Mills can easily flatter, adorn any outfit, uplift the wearer and protect against the cooler weather.

Up until 1995, all of their wool scarves were woven on hand looms. They have now progressed to using 120 year old cast iron shuttle looms and their scarves are woven using yarns such as virgin merino wool, cashmere and alpaca.

Restored Hattersley Domestic looms have now been added to their studio. The narrow width of these looms are ideal for weaving scarves and can be seen in action in the image below. This piece of 19th century technology has helped hugely with the finishing process as it creates a woven selvedge. This design detail is comparable to handwoven textiles in years gone by and gives each scarf a superior finish.

Stoll machines are used to provide the most up to date knitting solutions and allow them to work with different stitch combinations such as the most sought after jacquard. This has opened up another realm of creativity for the McKernan team. Experimentation is always at the heart of the design process and they are continuously working to create new and innovative designs.

Using the highest quality yarns is always of utmost importance and comes first in the design process. The drape, finish and versatility of the scarves has always been one of their main focuses. 

Broken twill weaves, rip weaves, herringbone and basket weave are just a few of the stitches that are incorporated into these exclusive Irish scarves.

Choose from silky smooth or textured, patterned or plain, oversized or narrow - there is sure to be one to suit every taste! From bright vibrant pinks to tonal blues, these colours are sure to make the perfect gift direct from Ireland.


McKernan Woollen Mills



Now 35 years in business, McKernan Woollen Mills have grown from strength to strength and have become well established within the Irish design industry. Now employing a team of over 12 people in their Clare studio, they are going from strength to strength every year with their contemporary Irish accessories.

It is evident the love and care that has been poured into each of these scarves.

We are proud to stock a beautiful collection of knit and woven scarves such as the Circus, Cosmos and Astrakhan.

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McKernan Woollen Mills