Green Herringbone Merino & Cashmere Blanket

By Hanly


Features -

  • Merino & Cashmere mix
  • Herringbone pattern
  • 3" Fringed hem


Introducing our Green Herringbone Merino & Cashmere Blanket, a luxurious blend of style and comfort to elevate your home.

Crafted with the finest Merino wool and sumptuous cashmere, this blanket offers unmatched softness and warmth, providing a cosy sanctuary on chilly evenings.

The timeless herringbone pattern adds a touch of classic elegance to any room, while the rich green hue brings a refreshing pop of colour to your décor.

Whether draped over your sofa for a stylish accent or spread across your bed for an extra layer of indulgence, this blanket is the perfect companion for relaxation and comfort.

Experience the ultimate in quality craftsmanship and luxury with our Green Herringbone Merino & Cashmere Blanket, a must-have addition to your home sanctuary

Fabric & Care

Fabric -

  • 95% Merino Wool & 5% Cashmere

Care -

  • Dry Clean Only


*Does not include 3" fringed hem on each side

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