14ct White Gold Emerald Diamond Claddagh Ring

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Features -

  • 14k White Gold
  • Real Emerald
  • Claddagh symbol
  • Made in Ireland


The Claddagh ring is an ideal gift from Ireland.

Many use the gorgeous Claddagh ring as an engagement ring, a traditional wedding ring, or as a commemorative gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

The Claddagh ring meaning is one of love and affection.

It comprises of three symbols:

- The heart for love 
- The hands for friendship
- The crown for loyalty

The ring is worn with the heart facing towards you to symbolise that your heart is 'taken' or facing outward to suggest your heart is still available! 

The Claddagh is said to be in existence since the the 17th Century.

A beautiful piece of Irish heritage that can be passed down through the generations!