Today, we are going to teach you a bit more about The History of Ireland collection.

This collection is a stunning collection that depicts 12 different historical Irish events through symbols inscribed into each piece.

The sculptures seen on Celtic high crosses around Ireland dating back to the 5th century inspired Irish silversmith Michael Hillard to produce the initial History of Ireland series in 1970. The designs have developed since then, becoming more contemporary, but the designer's inspiration and message have remained a continual reminder of our history.

Each piece is made of sterling silver and is Irish hallmarked at Dublin Castle's assay office. The History of Ireland series is engraved with 12 symbols that reflect some of Ireland's most important historical eras. It starts with the Celtic swirl in the Neolithic era, then moves on to St. Patrick, the majestic Round towers of 9th century Ireland, the Vikings, the Norman invasion, the Battle of the Boyne, United Irishmen, the Irish Flag, the Great Famine, Emigration, the GPO, and the Partition of Ireland. 


Discover the history behind some of the symbols below -


Following the declaration of independence from British authority, the War of Independence broke out between rival republican forces. Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland were created as distinct self-governing entities as a result of the peace accord that ended the conflict. Northern Ireland was largely populated and ruled by protestants loyal to the crown at the time, and the parliament there chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom. The ensuing chaos is widely known, but while the geographical divide still exists, relations between the North and the South are currently peaceful.

The Battle of the Boyne took place in 1690 between Catholic King James II and Protestant King William of the Dutch House of Orange, who was his nephew and son-in-law. The conflict was fought over three issues: the English throne, French dominance in Europe, and control in Ireland. This battle is considered pivotal in the conflict between the Irish Protestant and Catholic populations because it ensured Protestant control in Ireland for decades.

Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, was instrumental in transforming Ireland from a nation of pagan illiteracy to a haven of scholarship, culture, and Christianity in the 5th century. A legacy that we are proud of to this day and that is commemorated every year on March 17th around the world.

No beginning symbolized by a Celtic swirl cut in stone by our forefathers 5,000 years ago. The diversity of our island's first residents has formed a culture rich in heritage, beliefs, and custom that has passed down a feeling of life, faith, and hope despite whatever we have faced and wherever we have found our place over time. ...and there's no end in sight. The meandering road we've traveled to this point, a never-ending trip into the unknown future. 


Solvar's Sterling Silver Locket Necklace is a stunning example of contemporary Irish jewelry design. This Silver locket necklace, engraved with 12 emblems from Irish history, is likely to become a valued item in any jewelry collection. This Silver locket necklace, created by Solvar, comes with a 20" chain and a booklet that explains each of the key Irish symbols. A thoughtful present for someone with Irish ancestors or for yourself as a memento of your trip to Ireland. There are earrings, a bracelet, and a brooch to match. 

This 14K Yellow Gold pendant has it all for individuals with Irish blood and a passion for Irish history in general. This Irish Inglot Necklace has 12 symbols engraved on it. Each symbol depicts one of Ireland's most significant historical events. The Irish history included inside this 14K gold pendant is fascinating, and each item comes with a small booklet explaining the meaning of each symbol. This Yellow Gold Inglot necklace, handcrafted by Solvar, is a stunning piece for a loved one with Irish ties that will be passed down through the centuries. There are earrings, a bracelet, and a brooch to match. 

Are you looking to add a new charm bracelet to your jewelry collection? This Sterling Silver History of Ireland Charm Bracelet depicting Ireland's history is ideal! This Irish charm bracelet is made of Sterling Silver and features six double-sided charms that portray different periods in Irish history. The Round Towers, United Irishmen, and Famine Ships are some of the icons. Each History of Ireland artwork is certified to the finest quality by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. This charm bracelet is a wonderful present that will proudly display your Irish heritage.


History of Ireland's 14K Yellow Gold Ring is ideal for everyday use. This ring is sure to be a discussion starter, with 12 different symbols depicting significant moments in Irish history such as the Battle of the Boyne, the 1916 Rising, and the Partition of the North and South. With this 14K Yellow Gold Ring, you may proudly display your Irish heritage. It was created in Dublin, Ireland. There's a pendant, earrings, and bracelet to match this eye catching piece.

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