Growing Home Drop Earrings, Green



Features -

  • Exclusive to Triona
  • Crafted by Tracy Gilbert
  • Tree of Life featuring the map of Ireland
  • Celtic triskele at the back
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • Hallmarked in the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

Matching pendant available.


Within this captivating collection of Irish Celtic jewelry, each piece resonates with the meticulous artistry of Tracy Gilbert, painstakingly crafted in Dublin with a profound reverence for Irish heritage, history, and legend.

These captivating gold earrings feature the iconic 'Tree of Life,' intricately intertwined with Ireland's essence on the front, while the reverse boasts the Celtic triple spiral, a timeless symbol of eternity, infusing Ireland with perpetual vitality and optimism.

With a gentle rotation, witness the enchanting metamorphosis as the resilient tree motif gracefully transitions into a map of Ireland, symbolizing the nation's enduring connections across the globe.

Handcrafted from 14ct yellow gold, these exquisite earrings exude elegance with a diameter of 1.8cm and a drop length of approximately 1.1cm, ensuring a graceful accent for any occasion.

The mesmerizing green hue of these earrings serves as a tribute to the Emerald Isle itself, evoking the lush landscapes and verdant beauty of Ireland. This symbolic color, reminiscent of Ireland's nickname, infuses each piece with a sense of enchantment and pride.

Crafted from acrylic material, the earrings allow light to dance through, illuminating the Celtic triskele at the back, adding a touch of mystique and charm.

Each of Tracy's distinctive creations adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, proudly bearing the hallmark from the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Triona stands as the exclusive stockist of this extraordinary piece in 14ct yellow gold, accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity signed by the designer, along with a story card that delves into its profound significance, celebrating the enduring spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Size Guide

  • Diameter - 1.8cm / 18mm
  • Drop length - 1.1cm / 11mm