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For over thirty years, Triona has specialized in producing exquisite tweed clothing made exclusively by hand in the North West of Ireland

Our Donegal Tweed heritage

For over a century, the village of Ardara was at the forefront of the production of hand-woven Donegal Tweeds.

A building known as “The Mart” was the central marketplace with all the local tweed produced, inspected, stored and sold inside it’s walls.

However, in the sixties, the arrival of moder machinery disseminated the indigenous industry.

A family tradition

A fifth generation hand weaver, Denis Mulhern, had a strong desire to ensure that the tradition of hand-weaving was maintained and preserved.

Ten years after the collapse of the local tweed industry, he started a small bespoke tweed company called “Triona” from the front room of the family home.

A new chapter

In the eighties, an opportunity arose for Denis to purchase ‘The Mart’.

Initially, the space was used as a tweed workshop however given it’s historical importance, the company began to talk to national tourism board about opening up a tweed visitor center.

Sharing our passion

In 1992, we began to welcome visitors from across the world to showcase firsthand the skills involved in handweaving.

The craft behind the cloth

All our tweed is made from 100% Irish lambswool.

Once weaved, it is tailored to produce unique pieces of clothing including coats, jackets and capes.

From start to finish, experienced craftspeople ensure that the garments are made to the highest of standards and worthy of it’s Irish heritage.

Our future

After three decades, Triona, remains a family business.

Our success is thanks to the determination and hard work of our loyal staff.

Now an international tweed brand with two retail stores and a visitor centre, the future is bright.